Artikel ini berisi tentang 125 langkah demi langkah membangun personal brand untuk diri kita sendiri. cara-cara tersebut diuangkap jelas dalam ebook berbahasa inggris yang diperoleh dari web www.careerignitionclub.com bekerja sama dengan www.positionignition.com

ebook tersebut kurang lebih mengulas sebagai berikut :

  1. memulai dengan mmem-branding diri anda
  2. kenapa kita perlu membangun brand
  3. menjadi sebuah produk
  4. dikenal oleh oreng yang tepat
  5. membangun brand online
  6. membangun brand melalui bloging
  7. mengatur reputasi brand
  8. menghindari bahayanya branding
  9. memperluas brand anda

Kesembilan materi diatas dijabarkan dalam ebook. berikut sedikit gambaran dari bahasannya :

Getting Started with Branding Yourself

What does it mean to “brand” yourself and how do you do it? Personal branding enables you to clea about who you are, what you stand for and where your strenghts lie, and then consistently communication this to the rest of the world.

Why We Need to Build a Brand

Branding is no longer just for companies, product and services – if it ever was just for them. “Personal brand” has become an increasingly common phrase and for good rason. Just as more traditional branding helps organizations to draw market awarness, public recognation and customer loyalty to them, building your own personal brand can have a comparably positive effect on empoyers and the labour market’s attitude to you as a professional.

It is also omportant to note that the best candidates in this job market are those who have taken the time to create good reputation for themselves. It’s a competitive world and if you wish to keep up and even yo get ahead, you will need to put time and effort into building your brand.

Being a Product

If you want to build your brand, you need to start viewing yourself as a product that you need to package up and present to the market. you and your particular set of skills are being promoted and, if you are not confident in what you have to offer, you will find it very challengin to do this effectively.

Dan untuk isi selengkapnya, silakan download saja ebook nya di link berikut :

125 Personal Branding Ebook

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